How I Live My Life Testo

Testo How I Live My Life

Everbody wanna know
how you live your life
everybody wanna know
how you live your life

[Verse 1:]
5 in the morning and i stretch and yawn
from my sleep waking up at the crack of dawn
it's the first day of school that is
and you know i gotta tight pair of shoes to kick
throw on my black cap with my jacket to match
jet out the back door with my boys in back
then i get on the bus with my crew and sit
i'm in Junior high now living righteous

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2:]
At school all the thugs wanna knuckle up
and get buck
but lil iROCC lives to keep it hot
(where) on your spot (where) on your blck
knockin at your door preachin the word so
deep you can feel it when you bumpin the jeep
when we spittin these verses to beats
i'm so dedicated i know you hate it
that's how i'm living though
with christ fo sho

[Chorus x4]
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