That's Why Testo

Testo That's Why

That's why i've got love, joy, and peace,
No metter what it'll never cease,
that's how I live anyway you spin it,
i'm climbing higher and the sky's the limit

[Verse 1:]
All odds are against me
but i'll still stand strong
and tall draw a line in the sand,
Mama said I can do anything I can,
i'm here it's part of the master's plan,
see I always go up against the grain
sometimes it's easy sometimes I strain,
recognize if you change the game
some gonna think your cool some gonna think your lame,
but it's alright cuz i'm gonna still represent and listen to God
like he was the president,
show love make my life evident
make sure that my moves are heaven sent,
when I grow up i'm gonna be better than I am now
still changing the world making my daddy proud,
through the good and the bad I still gotta smile
and this is what i'm gonna say when they wonder how

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Mama tells me every morning before I go to school,
you've gotta alot of decisions a lot of things to choose,
i've taught you well so you know all the rules
so be smart on who you call your crew,
man I can't lie it ain't easy sometimes being patient it stings sometimes,
i'm like a puppet on a string sometimes because I want the ching ching
sometimes, but I know when i grab the mic
I gotta put it down gotta live this life,
gotta stay strong gotta keep it locked tight
no matter what none of my friends might like

[Chorus x4]
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