Automatic Triggaz Testo

Testo Automatic Triggaz

[Someone Whisperin]
With automatic triggaz triggaz
With automatic triggaz triggaz
With automatic triggaz triggaz

[Verse 1: Lil' Matt]
In 2002, I made this song for my homies and friends
Bitch nigga you need to wear a thong
Bitch nigga you went through the three way
I'm at the Freeway but sometimes livin on the expressway
I went my own way with Stray he was kinda gay
Fuck that, that's when I went to the South
They said you have to have a big mouth
I said fuck y'all niggaz I'm still gonna pass you
Then I was a Southsider, sometimes a Blind Rider
Fuck y'all if you ain't ridin some scared cause they frightened
Niggaz shut the fuck up cause I'm sippin my tea cup
Niggaz mad, cause they fuckin sad but then fucked up glad
Niggaz shut the fag up cause they mags were a bag pull up the flag
Paul Wall my friend Mike Jones my friend nigga you a dead mothafucka
Automatic Triggaz, pull the nigga on Willy Wooh Wigga
Back then I would rather be with Tigga
Niggaz fuck it up and leave cause you gon be a slave

[Chorus: x2]
With automatic triggaz triggaz
With automatic triggaz triggaz
With automatic triggaz triggaz
With automatic

[Verse 2: Lil' Matt]
Verse 2 you know my favorite colors blue
Don't you got any clue
I know who ask Dj Clue he could find clues
Cause that bitch nigga couldn't find my favorite color blue
My friend, Quiztid Rhymez always gets high
Neva caught a fly but always got fought he's been bought
My friend Quiztid Rhymez shouldn't be like that he should be black right now
My crew, representatin Boyz N' Blue and still rappin for Dj Screw
I would think about it but snake it fake jump jet it and shake it
Niggaz better not start hatin cause I'ma make you bakin
My best friend, Yung Rappa been slappin cause he saw somethin in his dream happenin
You know me the only person you see in my dreams
Yung Rappa do it again but your gonna blow it again
[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3: Lil' Matt]
Verse 3 here I come with dumb dumb
Comin down South is my big fuckin mouth
Niggaz shut up cause I'm Supreme King of the South
Chris the Wist, broke his wrist cause he twist
But who's the Supreme King of the South it's me nigga
You niggaz shut the fuck up or I'll get my automatic trigga nigga

[Chorus: x5]

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
Lil' Matt Supreme King of the South
Niggaz try getting a big mouth
Niggaz need a big fuckin house
Bitch niggaz need a fuckin blue and red mouse
I'm the color changin King of the South
Nigga please just cross
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