Damn Freestyle Testo

Testo Damn Freestyle

(feat. Lil' Crippa, Lil' Ed, Lil' Hustle (Thirteen Kingz))

[Dj Scratch for 5 Seconds]

[Someone with Deep Voice]
Lil' Matttttttttttt, I know your their
Fuck you then, I don't need you

[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
Yeah, this is Lil' Matt
Fuck dat bitch nigga I don't know him
My alb Tha Freestyles comin soon
My man Lil' Crippa in the house
Lil' Ed my cousin
Lil' Hustla my nigga
Hey let's go

[Verse 1: Lil' Matt]
My name is Lil' Matt
I came down the street
Fuck you nigga, I ain't crippin down your lane
I'm just sippin leen cutting a lil bit spleen
But you know me, I'm really free
If you want to be with me bitch nigga you ain't gonna be free
Last time I saw, I saw you crippin down my lane
Fuck you nigga comin crippin sippin down my fuckin lane
Nigga you ashamed, you gon be framed
I'm a H-Town Reppa, Lil' Flip and others
Diamonds in your face like that bitch mothafucka

[Verse 2: Lil' Ed]
Lil' Ed is back
Sippin down my lane
Niggaz like you need to get fuckin framed
But I'ma show you the true power
You know me, I ain't drinkin food powder
When I first went Down South, I had big mouth
Nigga I had a fuckin house, with my cousin Lil' Matt's color-changin mouse
We like sippin leen sometimes cutting spleen
Fuck those niggaz that we don't like
Especially T.I. cause he a bitch
And we don't bitches that gon be a snitch

[Verse 3: Lil' Matt]
Joe Budden you a bitch
You need to stop rappin
Fuck you my nigga you need to go to club and start slappin
Go to church, and start clappin
Nigga you need to stop fuckin, stop suckin
Bitch niggaz like you need to start farting
You don't know me, I'm a H-Town Reppa
I'm friends with Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and Slim Thug
You need a hug, I'll turn you into a bug
Go to H-Town and you ain't makin love

[Verse 4: Lil' Hustle]
Lil' Hustle got pure Mexican muscle is hustlin
Fuck about the Neon bitch nigga you ain't standin on corner like Deon
Lil Scrappy you a whore, you live on the floor
You ain't Neva eva eva eva knockin dat do'
You need mo' leen, if you come I'ma cut your spleen
I ain't crippin down yo' lane why you doin it to mine
Fuck you Lil Scrappy I'ma blow your mind break your spine
You don't look fine, you need batteries
Fuck you up and you'll get flattery
Lil' Hustle gots the muscle
Nigga you ain't got no hustle muscle you just got rustle

[Verse 5: Lil' Crippa]
Crippa in the buildin, you suck your pinus
Sippin down on your Uranus
Crippa representatin the Swisha House
I don't fuckin live houses
My pet ain't a dog, it ain't a cat, it's my big hand slap on your face
You need to pick up the pace, go to outer space
Think about all the space you got with no space suit
Think you could breathe, suck it up and you'll be to your death
Crippa and Matt are best friends for life, bitch nigga don't talk about that Alley Life
Sippin on yo' lane, whatcha wanna do
I want to do what I want to do nigga

[Verse 6: Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt again, gettin a new tat again
I'm supremely positive, I ain't a false again
Shit nigga you'll a bitch fuckin snitch again
You know I'm sippin leen, I punched you, you bleed again
I gained a lot of respect, you just got slapped again
Flappin your wings, you know I got my bling bling
I been switcharoo, like a fuckin kangaroo
My favorite number is ninety-nine, Joe Budden you owe me fuckin 5million dimes
Nigga I need to shine what the hell you think I'm blind
Fuck you Joe Budden you just a hoe button
You ain't gonna be shit bitch nigga you ain't got the greatest hit

[All Four Talkin']
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