Hold On Testo

Testo Hold On

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
This is 2002
And my alb Automatic Triggaz
I'm Supreme King of the South
Hey let's go

[Lil' Matt]
Niggaz come over shut the fuck up and It'll be over (Hold On)
Niggaz I'm yo' friend not your fiend (Hold On)
I'm Lil' Matt king of the tat nigga I'ma kill you cause you can be on my stat (Hold On)
I represent the Dirty South whatcha represent (Hold On)
Lil' Matt best of best ain't Neva gonna represent the West (Hold On)
Dirty South members like me need a house, a big mouth and a color changin mouse (Hold On)
Paul Wall my friend who's your friend (Hold On)
Nigga come over so I can punch you (Hold On)
You need to be on the train tracks cause the train needs to go chou chou (Hold On)
My cousin Ray wants to be leader of stingray but some of you niggaz are so gay (Hold On)
Luniz did I Got 5 On It and the remix bitch nigga you need some head (Hold On)
Spice Hurricane Neva cared he was Neva fare but then I dared him (Hold On)
Bitch niggaz are haters need fate but got bait (Hold On)
Neva eva eva eva tell me to hold on niggaz (Hold On)
I'm Neva on T.V. cause they don't know me (Hold On)
You know I'm the king of the South niggaz ain't got a big house (Hold On)
Lil' Matt is a legend ain't playin shavin yo' hair don't dare nigga (Hold On)
Mike Jones turned you into stone nigga whatcha gonna do (Hold On)
If you go to school you think your cool bitch nigga you drooled (Hold On)
Yung Rappa my friend Neva disrespect's me but he's like my sister Dee Dee (Hold On)
I'm a playa you niggaz ain't ballin you fuckers are just fallin (Hold On)
I'm a baller you know I didn't shoot the caller cause heed falter (Hold On)
I'm a ballinest playa I'm a genuine playa but I'm comin out slaya (Hold On)
Nigga bitch stop snitchin fuck twitchin nigga you just bitchin (Hold On)
I always have a beautiful day nigga, nigga you just got a horrible day nigga (Hold On)
Playas ballas niggaz and pullin fuckin triggaz run away before I pull it (Hold On)
Niggaz ride playas hide niggaz get on s flight (Hold On)
Pull up shut up fuck it up I'll kill you up nigga you dead (Hold On)
Nigga you dead ain't Fred gots no head pull the trigga you dead again (Hold On)
My friend Chris tried the twist but broke his wrist (Hold On)
My enemy Cheep Chillin was neva feelin but I defeated him now he's gone (Hold On)
You know em they get bonez buy bonez but they ain't got a throne (Hold On)
Fuck you see ya later nigga you gon be bait not your fate (Hold On)
I fight bravely with friend Dwight Deadly he's good (Hold On)
I got skillz mad skillz smoke mills nigga shut up (Hold On)
You bullshit you fuckshit you just shit nigga you ain't got the greatest hit (Hold On)
You a bitch been a bitch still a bitch nigga snitch (Hold On)
My enemy Deep Villain took out my friend Yung Rappa out of rappin nigga Deep Villain is dead (Hold On)
Nigga that's it shut up so I couldn't hear you nigga (Hold On)

[Lil' Matt Talkin' to Fade]
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