I'm A Star Freestyle Testo

Testo I'm A Star Freestyle

[Lil' Matt]
I'm a star mothafuckas
Where you don't have no cars niggaz
Fat Joe you a bitch mothafucka
You a hoe motherfuckin foe nigga
Fuck y'all niggaz who think they better then shit
Joe Budden is kinda stupid
That bitch got married wit a hoe named Cupid
Joe Budden and Fat Hoe I'm a star
You a mothafuckin hoe
You bitches don't got no doe you ain't a foe
I'm the greatest foe motherfuckers
Fat Joe thinks he got money
Nah bitch you a snitch
Joe Budden thinks he got money
Nah you a bitch motherfuckin whore
You both are fuckin hoes gots no doe
My famous words are motherfuckin dumb fucks
Right behind me is 50cent bitch
You diss him I diss you motherfuckers
Right behind me is G-Unit
50cent, Lloyd Banks & Young Buck are with us Dirty South
You bitches ain't got no princess cutz comin out your mouth
You niggaz are routed by the Legend named Snouted
You niggaz ain't got a big red mouse the size of your house
You bitches ain't from Texas
You from that bitch state Phily and New York or all the fuck other states
You ain't better then me the best fuckin hustla
You bitches ain't got no pure Mexican muscle
But you guys are niggaz right no you a bitch
You better remember cause you bitches ain't a fuckin star niggaz
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