Lil' Flex Ain't Nothin Testo

Testo Lil' Flex Ain't Nothin

[Lil' Matt]
This is a dedication to the Texas Mafias
Big James who died in 1999
Koopsta & Crippsta who died in 2004
Lil' Rap is still alive, I'm greatful
But this time Lil' Rap told me he hated someone
Oh yeah, Lil' Flex ain't nothin but a piece of (Dj Scratch)
Let's go
Lil' Flex ain't nothin but a talkin' machine
Who won't stop talkin' he'll keep on walkin
He'll keep on stalkin
That puss ass nigga ain't shit right (Right yeah)
Who the man (Lil' Matt) who ain't nothin (Lil' Flex)
Lil' Flex likes bein wit his Ex
But his name ain't flex
Dat T-Rex could flex better then you nigga
You a nigga I'm a Mexican nigga
You mess wit me you mess wit my 16 cousins nigga
Lil' Flex the nigga pull the trigga
If you brave enough
You ain't tough rough you ain't even puff nigga
You Lil' Flex and Me outside I'ma kick your ass nigga
I'm stronger then my cousin Kevinized
He thought he could Blind my eyez nigga
You ain't like Willy Wooh Wigga
I'm sorry for dissin you off but I had to nigga
Lil' Rap i'm sorry for you for losin your friends
Lil' Flex ain't nothin to a nigga
Lil' Flip even dissed you off
Lil' Flex ain't nothin to my cousins
My cousins will kick your ass nigga
Lil' Flex ain't nothin to my his friend Yungstar
Yungstar probably betrayed yo' ass
Lil' Flex can't even pull tha trigga nigga
Cause he ain't shit to a nigga like Willy Wooh Wigga
Lil' Flex ain't nothin to a bitch
Lil' Flex is way father then a bitch he a snitchin biatch
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