Rap King Testo

Testo Rap King

[30 Seconds Without Sayin Anything]

[Lil' Matt]
I'm the Rap King of the South
Bitch nigga give me back my mouth
Nigga cross bitch nigga give me my house
The Rap King neva eva eva eva get on yo' level
Bitch nigga you want to be king nigga king of bitches
Rap King I'ma Slap King bitch nigga I'm the greatest king
Nigga a King needs his bling bling clean
Rap King best of best king of the South nigga you need a mouth
I live in Houston Texas even at Screwstum
I got houses everywhere - whenever - whatever - get over here
Mothafucka shut yo' puinny ass up cause I'm still sippin on my tea cup
It ain't time to play think about Dj Kayslay you ain't Stray he's gay
Rap Supreme King of the South ain't gonna give you half of my mouth
I'm the Rappiest Suprmeliest Kingiest of the South
Don't forget cause I'ma cut yo' spleen bitch nigga sip some leen
Nigga I used to be mean like my friend Dean
I was kinda mean to my family I was the bean in my family
Niggaz ain't playin movin then shovelin on my chrome near my throne
The Rap King of the South neva let's bitches out
I'm the king I'm the best I'ma be a legend from Andre Wettah in and out
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