Tell Him To Gut Testo

Testo Tell Him To Gut

[Someone: Talkin']
This is 2002
A rapper named Lil' Matt did his first album
Automatic triggaz
People meet the best reppin rapper Lil' Matt

[Verse 1: Lil' Matt]
Yeah I'm Lil' Matt
King and the best cause I got the biggest tat
(Dj Scratch)
King and the best cause I got the biggest stat
Nigga you need to crap nigga bitch you ain't hap
Why, why you a bitch better stop snitch
I'm Lil' Matt best of best kings of kings legends of legends But I'm eleven
Nigga I'm 20 years old nigga you bold nigga you shouldn't have told nigga fold
Bitch nigga you need to learn how to tell him to gut

[Chorus: x3]
Bitch you need to learn how to (Tell him to gut)
Bitch nigga some niggaz already learned how to (Tell him to gut)
Nigga just tell me to gut mothafucka

[Verse 2: Lil' Matt]
This is verse 2 I'm here for you
Cause niggaz on train are gonna go chou chou
Fuck you it ain't you it's me
You ain't free like my sister Dee Dee
Comin down South I gots to get a bigger mouth
If you live in Houston Texas
You need a house, money and a wife
Cause you need a knife to become a dike
I ain't fright I won the fuckin fight with Dwight
You niggaz ain't taller then me you are wider then me
I'm Supreme King of the demon seas
I'm the best fuckin soldier I'm a Double Lexus Soldier
That's a car name but I don't give a fuck cause you niggaz suck
Lil' Matt Supreme King of the South
Niggaz need to shut their mouth cause they ain't got a big house

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Matt: Verse 3]
This time best of best
You suck if you a West you a pest
Bitch nigga you need to take a fuckin test
I'll do the rest but niggaz I need to punch you in the chest
I represent the Dirty Dirty South
Nigga shut yo' big ass mouth up
You ain't got a house I got a fuckin blue and red mouse
Texas is the best you bitches suck if you a West
Nigga you need to take a fuckin big ass test

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
I'm Lil' Matt
Supreme King of the Dirty Dirty South
Mad haters try bein playas
That ain't right
You niggaz just mad cause I'm king of the South
Niggaz don't gots a big mouth
Mad niggaz need to have no house if they hatin right Dwight (Yeah)
Let's go
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