Texas Boyz (Screwed) Testo

Testo Texas Boyz (Screwed)

(feat. Lil' Ed & Big HG)

[Lil' Ed]
Howdy Partnaz, welcome to Houston Texas
The home of candy paint the Houston Allers
Whoops their gone, in Sucka Free
God dammit, you know my V-12 motorin roam roam
I like the bling bling with Mike Chops,
Hahaha, got me a ranchin for a horse
Cause I'm a baller, I'm a Texas Boy
(I'm call my to fade)

[Big HG]
Now what you do about hustlas bone rustling
In club doors
Sneakin in with a snop nose and it's the drug hoes
Now what you know about us, we make the girls throw it Grannin
Anyplace we go you know is parkin lot pimpin
Whatcha know about ridin, on Bentley Bike
Entertain with no ice, is an empty sight
Whatcha know about Texas, we split this land
Dirty Southside where I know how to get this change
Whatcha know about iceberg, wit snoopy on it
Check out my driveway nigga, the lex could be on it
Whatcha know about rappin, and platinum flex
Satur deal, ain't nothin left after that
Now whatcha know about whores, yellows and red bonez
Especially when they all in your ear like headphones
Whatcha know about pimpin' up the microphone
All hustlin till the red and blues lights come on
Whatcha know about thuggin, hangin on street corners
We watch your every move, set up a free drug on you
Whatcha know about the South, we do we do
Take over those spots and roam with the crew
Southside (Side to fade)

[Lil' Ed: Chorus]
Yeah, whatcha know about dem Texas Boyz (Texas Boyz)
D-12 ballers and lexes toyz (lexes toyz)
Whatcha know about the Dirty South
Faggots their some princess cutz in my mouth
Whatcha know about the candy paint (candy paint)
We smoke top light, and we drank (and we drank)
Whatcha about the Dirty South
You a bad mother shhhhh! Boy shut your mouth

[Lil' Matt]
Whatcha know about actin bad, floss in prowles
I got seven DVD's I'm watchin Austin Powers
Whatcha know about wearin party yeah, eyeglasses
Diamonds in your face just like eyelashes
And whatcha know I buy, the Astro Dome
Whatcha know about a sprint and the pronto phone
Whatcha know I buy, eatin fishin grease
Can I have some toilet paper, cause you missed a shit
Whatcha know about havin a pretty grill
Blue hands blue pants are pretty wheels
Whatcha know about the Cappa-Beach party
I got a pool tape like the Master P party
Whatcha know about the niggaz in Sucka Free
We got crawlers and pallers and Lex double G's
Whatcha know I buy, club connection
A fight in case, for drug possession
Whatcha know I buy, the Screwed Up Click
I got niggaz mad at me cause I blew up quick
Whatcha know about Rolex and dissin my cent
I got on the big chain but I got a little neck


[Lil' Ed]
I'm a Texas Boy, I'm call me
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