Where Were You (Screwed) Testo

Testo Where Were You (Screwed)

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Lil' Matt]
Where were you, I heard the train
Why you in the rain if you have no umbrella
Suck you nigga I fucked you nigga
If you don't know me I'm wit Tigga my nigga
I'm Lil' Matt king of the South
Nigga shut up you ain't got no big mouth
I'm crippin' down lane fuck you framed
Nigga you out of line bitch nigga get a rhyme
You think ya better if you suck eat chedder
You think ya fitter shut up get bigger
I'm a Rap King got a lot of bling bling
Shut up fuck up nigga you a muck
You know you suck you can't even rap
You think better in rappin then go to club I'll keep slappin
Crippin on the floor keep clappin the door
You know Lil' Matt gon keep you on the flo'
Kick you out my do' go to the sto'
Fuck you my nigga you ain't goin out my sto'
Money Mike my nigga Blaze my nigga and you know Mike D is my fuckin nigga
Crippin' down my sto' fuck you my foe nigga you just a fuckin lil hoe
Lil' Matt the King, king not a queen
You know Lil' Matt will always kick yo' ass
Nigga shut up man I'll kick you out the class
Fuck you I slash nigga you have a rash
Nigga shut up or you will die