Playas Get Chose Testo

Testo Playas Get Chose

(feat. Big Moe, Hawk, Mr.3-2)

Hey, hey. Take it from a thug take it from a thug

[Chorus x2: Big Moe]

Thug niggas never sweat these hoes
Cause playas always get chose
See you ain't gotta trick yo' doe, fa real
you gone hit playa take it from a pro


Now players, never, sweat these hoes
Spittin game at em' while i'm riding on vouges
Steady getting in clothes like I borrowed em' off em'
Broads love the way this big boss be flossing
Now see in 99 I let a hoe be a hoe
She won't, leave me alone keep calling my primeco
I got her lined up, for givin' me the twat
Just, cause, your baby daddy on lock
My game don't stop some of these broads is crazy
Running around saying she pregnant, with my baby
Wanting to be my lady put her pack in mercedes
For the year two tripple O mann these boppers can't fade me
And lately I been knocking them out by the dozen
Her her sister and her fine lil cousin
All in the same week mann these broads is freaks
Better keep a condom on and leave these broads in the street

[Chorus x2: Big Moe]

[Lil' O]

I don't trick to hoes , I stick Dick to hoes
Face down ass up with their hips exposed
Bust a nut wash my dick grab my shit then go
Then I tell them let them other suckers get your clothes
Then I slide out the doe cause i'm raw like that
Scratch off in the lex cause I ball like that
But I ain't trippin cause I know the way I tore her back
That she can't wait for a playa just to call her back
Then I hit the club ballin with a bad attitude
Hoes like who you think you is, i'm like bitch who is you
I'm Lil' O 8900 Braeswood boo
And baby all you broads beneath me like you under my shoe
Cause I know the playa rules and bite boppers ankles off with gator Shoes and
ball till I fall and give all you broads the blues
Da fat rat wit the cheese make me front the club or two you know what We gone

[Chorus x2: Big Moe]

[Big H.A.W.K.]

Every thangs looking lovely champaine caviare sipping bubbley
Not carein' what you hoes thinking of me
Cause the girls, the girls the girls they love me want to rub me
But yall ugly they just love a mack
Take a second look back give a asthma attack
After all that i'm in the kiddie kat
We like FAT PAT, hold up on all that
Drop the chit chat bagg back, bagg back
Serve em' like a mama give her baby semilac
These hoes just wanna get sexual
With this suave, devernaire, intellectual
After the sexual on the chase for paper
And all my ex bitches yea they got the papers
Paper chaser, bad broad heart breaker
Is it me you love or is it my navigator
Perpatrator, I don't carry a wallet
have em' break a bitch college why cry for knowlege
So you're just another caught up as hoe
Trying to play pro as you got no doe fa sho

[Chorus: till fade]
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