The Real Nigga Rules Testo

Testo The Real Nigga Rules

See this right here is for boys that really want
Something out of life, you know I'm saying
Boys that' s really trying to get something and
Get somewhere, you feel me
You gotta ask yourself, why am I not having paper
Why am I not rich and, am I living by the rules
Am I applying myself, why does Lil' O keep winning
Because I work harder than you

[Lil' O]
See when it's time to go to work, dog I'm punching the clock
And go to work with the work, know I'm talking about
You can find me on I-10, nigga running my route
On the way to the booth, cause I fronted some out
I'm from the land of the lost, where we handle the South
Don't play god damn it the walk, dismantle your vault
Cause playing in this game, will have you land in a cross
But I'm a Jes', let me hand you the torch, let me show you
How to flip that brick, cook that soft flip that whip
It ain't that hard, just stick to the script
Don't be a sucka, just stick to the licks stay on note
And stay focused, soon enough you'll be flipping a six
Let me maximize your game, to make your losses minimal
Cause the moves that I make, make me a five star general
Listen up, cause the message subliminal, wanna come up
In this game, pay attention cause these are the principles

1, peep game if you snooze you lose
2, stay on your grind nigga pay your dues
3, broke or rich which one you choose
If it's rich, peep the real nigga rules
4, stay or leave stop running your mouth
5, everybody can't come to the house
6, never make a trash bitch your spouse
That set you up, know I'm talking about
Peep the real nigga rules

[Lil' O]
I'll show you how to break bread, and shake FED's
Ball till you fall, live it up eat good and stay fed
But first thing, the block must stay bled
But if you get caught with a rock or a block, don't say shit
Cause snitching ain't tolerated, you'd be surprised
How many boys you thought was real, done cooperated
But it's iight, when you hear he got shot
Don't cry or shed a tear, man he got what he got
You gotta keep niggaz out of your spot, out of your mix
Out of all your traps, how you getting your chips
Because friends is killing friends, it's ridiculous
But this is blood money baby, it's the business bitch
You out of time your partna all in your house, all in your stash
Your gal to you a slut, he be fucking her ass
She call your phone yelling crying, talking that trash
Saying some niggaz just kicked in your do', and took all of your cash
Ain't that a bitch


[Lil' O]
First off this ain't no rap verse, I'm telling you
Playa this is game, I'm giving you
I use to have hoes named Pam, Keisha, Cocoa, Olivia, strap so
Much work to they thighs, to the state they pussy smell like Bolivia
Homie, the real G's know me
I slung weight, on the streets of Braeswood
Wolfare and Clubkrey, so dog I really know this shit
It's not like I seen my partna do it, then I went and wrote this shit
And motherfucker, you can quote that shit, what you know
About counting forty thou', watch me smoke the shit
But don't get mad you can do it too, listen to the words
Of the real, let it hit your soul and influence you
Cause if you in the game, you might as well get your change
Don't be out here, hustling for a piece and chain
Real niggaz know the mask, put it up
And try to find another way, up out the game


I wanna dedicate this to all the niggaz out on the block
All the niggaz out with a mouth full of motherfucking rocks
All over the world, I love y'all niggaz man
When y'all feel like no one love you, you know Lil' O love you mayn
I want y'all niggaz to get your change out here mayn, you know
Cause you in the belly of the beast, gon ahead
And get it and find a way out mayn
This ain't fly shit, I'm just rapping to you
You live and apply yourself to these rules, you watch how fast
You come up, you watch how things start going your way
You know I'm saying, this ain't just something I put together
Cause I thought it sounded good, this is really some
Rules you can apply to your real life
And make you some motherfucking paper
Ya'll niggaz stay down
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