Victory N'Gold Testo

Testo Victory N'Gold

[Lil' O shouting]We bring the smash on you cowardsAll you boys think we playingWe ain't playing wit you punksWe gonna hit ya'll where it hurtsFuck em' kill em' allLil' O - Chorus 2X:Southside got a holdWith any means necssesary, victory n'goldMan fuck these haters they don't like the way we rollWe hit with the hot slugs, leave his body coldWhoa, Whoa[Verse 1- Lil' O]From this day forward the dirty south declares warYou boys better harden up like 36 SouthI'm a raw don wit it my rhyme is like ya brainAnd a sawn-off wit it you better come and get itI ain't playing wit you niggazWhy do you think I stay spraying at you niggazYou see me in ya nightmares caving in your liverKicking down ya doors now your shaking and ya shiverAnd nigga I deliver, cuz I'm bored with you hoesKnocking on your front door like em dominoesWe clutching four-fours, and emptying holes through ya body and frameAnd I leave the witness sick so theres nobody to nameWe was all in the game sex, money and murderSouthside represented, number one hater hurtersPlus we where ??? we shoot up convoysBy the toe truck nigga I wrecked you boysChorus 2X[Verse 2- Will Lean of Botany Boys]Victory in gold, applying pressure Until the mystery unfoldDucktape the family, now this bitch was being toldHit em wit the heata and left his body coldFroze with bullet holesNigga we bad actors, jackers, straight subtractorsThird coast paper stackers, thrown pistol packersBoy I come and get ya, AK ripping at yaOn target like a missile while slugs whistle past yaBullets hot as hell, balancing like a scaleMashing up the mail, slinging shells upon your taleFeel sick heavy ass ??? when I starts the rippingThe side your head starts to chip inAnd niggaz I'm in it to win it, don't get offendedThe plaque and the gold in the hold I'm born a sinner plus we in the middleBullets bust the chemist, the menace, I finishThats how we pull the punksChorus 2X[Verse 3- C-Note Of Botany Boys]I'm fuckin over you boys,Niggaz strapped up in the cut in the burbany carsYou wanna fool wit the rules youWhat you claming red or blueI'd rather have gold or green if ya know what I meanBut I gotta have a paper stackWhere the fuckin papers at, I want my moneyAin't shit funny give me the keys, give me the G'sGive me the code to your safe bitch nigga freezeI want it all so I can ballI want the lex wit the twenties so I can crawlIt's war now, take a tip overtimeGot the rolex in H-Tex so I can over shineWill Lean always strapped with the beamYou wanna fuck with Lil O, you gotta meet the four-fourAnd nigga C-Note, I'm strapped at all timesYeh I'm always busting nine cuz I'm busting mineChorus 2X

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