When God Made You Testo

Testo When God Made You

(feat. Dana Jackson)

[Dana Jackson]
You make me feel like sunshine baby [x2]

When God made you, all my fantasies came true
Through all the rain and pain, you stayed true
Them hoes, you don't do what they do
Pretty thing you a queen he made a lady, when God made you

[Lil' O]
When I was down who picked me up, through all my stress and strain
Layed my head on her chest, and said confess your pain
Wiped the tears from my eyes, when they fell like rain
Then hugged me tight, and said life is like a test young mayn
Pretty thing black queen, no other divine
Angel sent from the heavens, sweet mother of mine
Makes me wonder how this world, could take a mother of five
And send her to the early death, when only love was her crime
Got me yelling out, why cancer take her Lord
But then I stopped, cause you taught us keep our faith in God
But when I think how you suffered, damn it makes it hard
At 39, you ain't 'pose to be in no graveyard
Plus you worked so hard, for everything that you had
Five kids from one man, never cheated on dad
And even when times were bad, you always kept it hid
Cause wasn't no sacrifice, too great for your kids see

[Hook x2]

[Lil' O]
And lil' sis I reminisce, on the day you was born
I picked you up in my arms, that's where I keep you from harm
The only living thing I got, to remind me of mom
So I'd die before I let you, fall victim to pourin'
Or be a tramp, or a gold digger
Be independent, don't be chasing after no nigga
Cause if that playa really love you, he ain't gonna mind sharing his wealth
And he'll respect you cause he know, that you can get it yourself
And don't be fast with your ass, let him know that you a lady
Don't be up in these streets, running round having babies
And do your worthless boo'ing, always talk educated
So they know you ain't no chickenhead, that's just overrated
And know that only suckers, fall in love with hoes
Be sexy but classy, keep on your clothes
And these words from your bro, I thank God that you listen
Cause you grew up to be a queen, when I see you ya glisten see

[Hook x2]

[Lil' O]
I thank the Lord for you, after we made love last night
Then I wrapped you in my arms, and I held you tight
Then I thought about the times, I was living in hell
Cause I couldn't hold you, cause I was locked up in jail
But baby even in my cell, I had your face on the wall
So the sun would always shine, even behind bars
You made me realize, life is more than money and cars
If I didn't have a penny, you'd still call me a star
You make me wanna get my life right, starting tonight
And you ain't gon be baby mama, I'ma make you my wife
When the average girl would cheat, you refused to act shife
And when I make it you gon have, the baddest things in life
Now how I look with a chickenhead, with collars on fleece
When I got a jazzy queen, with three college degrees
When I put it on your finger, I'ma be on my knees
Girl you beautiful intelligent, you all that I need see

[Hook x2]

When God made you, all my fantasies came true [x6]
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