Twisted Testo

Testo Twisted

You think you hear demons, I think you are the demon In this place where images are born You remember your childhood Oh, fire in sequences The sun goes down, filling the air with color Winds lift you up to god, lift you up to god You fall to your knees, and embrace the storm You know longer care, if it's cold, if it's warm You live for the danger, like your passion and your anger You don't let go... You like to be twisted, by the force You like to be shaken by the wind I know, you know, watchin' you go is like dyin', is like dyin' You take it to the limit When the winds come up Crazy men, crazy women Cryin' out for love You like to savor But you just can't give it up You'd rather be rapped up, in the arms of a storm Crazy men, crazy women In the arms of a storm The sun goes down Chasin' down the demons You think you hear demons Cryin' out for love Chasin' down the demons Chasin' the demons down You'd rather be rapped up In the arms of a storm Chasin' the demons

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