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In front of me lies our disease.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Complicate all that surrounds us.
So find your truth inside...
And ask yourself how we can justify just what we've done!

(Eddie Wellz)
I'm no longer lookin' to the sky.
Yeah, I used to shed some tears but now I've dried my eyes.
They said I couldn't save the world but I still gotta try.
Either way life is short so it's do or die.
Now it's time to lay down my life.
Revolution; It's time to rise.
Now I gotta fight; Gotta make it right; Gotta shed some light like a candle that's burning slow...
Just to save your life; make a sacrifice, like the son of Christ.
Thought I might just touch your soul.
Call it homicide cause I'm down to ride.
Look into my eyes. Just to fly is my end goal.
I was aiming for the sun, but I fell into the moon.
Facing my doom, but this can't be my tomb.
30 seconds to mars, but I came for the stars.
I just stare at my wounds as I pick at these scars.
They say silence is gold, but these words can't see...
So I wrote them in Braille so the blind could see me.
Yeah, shining brighter than Weezy.

In front of me it's easy to see,
How we could do this to ourselves...
And complicate all that surrounds us.
I've found my truth inside.
There's no way to justify.
What's done is done!

Now our paths have crossed in tragedy.
Now we're free. Now we're free!

Crystallize our think as one!
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