I Thought Everything Was Alright Testo

Testo I Thought Everything Was Alright

A rotten mind,
a broken door
in a golden cage.
I feel myself like a dog...
and is this what i got?
Walking down this forgotten road
are you freak or alone?
And is this what i got?
What i see it's just the sky is getting grey,
but i 'm not worried about it.
Faces around me are gettin the same,
what's wrong with me?
I can't work it out !
Hey and i've thought everything was alright
there's no shelter, you can't hide yourself,
just find what you wanna be!
Selling prayers, selling cars, selling music to the crowd...
did you loose yourself?
And is this what i got?
I can't resist, pressure reaches my own limit!
Nothin is real so...
nothin is what you 've got!
What i feel it's just to loose my mind if i don't live in my way.
Noises around me confusin myself,
but i don' t mind... i can work it out!
Hey and i've thought everything was all right
lies, candies and tears and a tv show where you can find yourself,
building up a new shell to present you like a mask! Hello!
And is this what i got?
We are like meteors fighting against this atmosphere!
I know this air it's too hot,
let's go straight, the target is to reach the end!
And i thought everything was alright
In the end
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