Overload Testo

Testo Overload

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
My eyes raised to this blood red sky
fist to this sun
frozen words change into tears
choked voices lost in this cold wind
stoke up the fire
passion is over
mirror tell me if you can
tell me who am I now?

Senseless declared the end
a word devoid of any defense
you wanna run away
burn this city with all its memories
sweet is the sound of a new born
I can't say a word...

With a straight below to your face
I've never said before
you changed my world
you changed my world

You step aside
words like a knife in my spine
always hostile to this waveless fate
choked screams lost in this blank wall
twilight zone
reaction and clench your teeth
twilight zone
Silence is over
mirror tell me if you can
tell me who am I now?
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