Bed Testo

Testo Bed

Spread 'em, baby

I'm a devil woman, burn in hell
You want to lick my fire
Lay you on my bed of nails
I feel your desire
I got Heaven in my Hell
There's alot of pain
Gimme your soul, do it now
Sweet sulfur in enjoy your Hell

Tie me to the bed
Tie me to the bed
Tie me to the bed
Tie me to the bed

Spank me cuz I like it

My soul is haunted, dancing with the devil
Dress I disappear
I have been such a bad boy
Hate is love love is hate
Open your mind I pin the hate

Tie me to the bed
Make my eyes roll, look at my head
Tie me to the bed
The break of dawn is what I always dread

Tie me to the bed
Bow your head when you approach your Queen
You give me pleasure with pain and always make me scream

Burn, burn, bed, bed

Tie me to the bed
Terror and aint no threat
Tie me to the bed
I'd wait an of spells since the day that we met

Bed, bed
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