Mother Testo

Testo Mother

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I am your mother,
Your flesh and blood, your family, yeah
And like no other
Until they bury me 6 foot deep
No matter what the future holds
And even know you just began to grow
Just know you'll always have your mother

The damage is done,
I never wanted things to work out this way
My little ones, how do I say how sorry I am
Some day you'll see the truth
And you'll come running back to me
Just know you'll always have your mother
You'll always have your mother


He lies to you, ... on me
He tries to find comfort in insanity
Should be crucified, ... to die
He paints an ugly picture of you and I
It's so far from truth
It's hard to see only when you hurt me
But ... my love for you
I am your mother

Please understand why I had to leave
Pain was deep, he was hurting me,
When you look in the sky at a shinning star
Listen to your heart and know who you are
And I'll always be your mother
I'll always be your mother
I'll always be a part of you
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