Sinners Testo

Testo Sinners

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Intro: Phonte]
Lord forgive us
We all look for guidance
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage, to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

I'm a nasty, filthy, disgusting, arrogant
Cocky son of a you know, the word be traveling
And my thoughts unravel when I stopped and got near to ya
And checked out your posterior, oh lord it's
So gorgeous, so fine, so thorough
Body like a goddess, it's out of this world
Not a sex therapist looking for inner peace
I'ma sex terrorist hitting your Middle East
And I know my sins won't get me to the promised land
And for eternal life my chances ain't promising
But I'm gonna find a way to shake these sinner heathens
And take these inner demons out my life, I promise man

[Hook: Pooh & Phonte]
God delivers, God forgive us
We all hustlers and thieves, we all sinners
We all wandering men with lost spirits
We all praying to heaven, can y'all hear us?
God delivers, God forgive us
We all wandering men with lost spirits
We all crazy deranged and off-center
We all guilty of lust, we all sinners

Got the perfect scheme, got the perfect team
Got the perfect way where we can come up on cream
Talking 'bout more money than you ever seen
Talking 'bout enough money so you can live your dreams
Got the perfect time, got the perfect date
Got the perfect place, got the perfect weight
Gotta slow it down, gotta catch my breath
Gotta keep us on track 'fore we track a mess
Got this lady upstairs in my busy-ness
Gotta keep her upstairs causing me stress
Gotta keep order, maintain the cover
Gotta keep these dudes apart 'fore they kill each other
He gotta keep his job, he had to tell his wife
I'd be surprised if time come man we get it right
The time's here, everybody in they places right?
Time to go to work, let's have a great night


So when my time come please remember
That I'm still just a man, just a lowly sinner
Who's repenting right now God I hope you remember
Please open up your gates allow me to enter

I know my sins won't make me a better man
But now I'm hoping for a life in a better land
Where I can find a way to shake these sinner heathens
And take these inner demons out my life, forever man

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