Step It Up Testo

Testo Step It Up

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Dion)

Girl [echoes]

[Dion:] You make me step my game up!

[Rapper Big Pooh:]
Shit, cause women come, women go
Until we all mature we ain't really tryin to grow
With the girl we seein we ain't really tryin though
Try and beat it up fast on the living room flo'
Got a little older, had to spend a little dough
Kept somethin in the pocket just in case I had to show
Shorties how I did it when I took 'em to the sto'
Took a few to the mo', lot'll vouch for that
Nigga bounce to the fact things I did was dumb
I account all of that to bein young
Got a little age, got some understandin
The older women get the more concerned with companionn-ship
It took me a while to get to this point
I don't expect all of y'all to understand this shit
Read between the bass snares and kick
Everybody gettin judged by who they standin with, f'real

[Chorus: Dion]
You make me step my game up, game up
Step my game up yeah step my game up
You make me step my game up, game up
Step my game up yeah, my game up
You make me step my game up...

She said we should go out on a date
I said that's cool you can come to my house
She said nigga please~! Do better than that
Why the fuck I wanna come over and chill on yo' couch?
I laughed cause it seemed she had me all figured out
And my game ain't work like it did befo'
Dem are days long gone, cause once they get grown
These hoes ain't impressed by Applebees no mo'
Gotta dig a little deeper for that PF change, for PF Chang's
And if you can't afford it
You can still do thangs to show you ain't on no dumb shit
Take her to a gallery, museum or some shit
Thank God for you and all the crew that you run with
Givin new meaning to the blind date
You so offi-shall, but a nigga can't attract Crist-al
With a Boone's Farm mindstate, knahmsayin?


The game up, step my game up, yeah step my game up
You make me step my game up, yeah game up
Step my game up, yeah, my game up
You make me step my game up

Uhh, ay listen baby
(You make a nigga wanna go to the store and get some wine for you)
'Member when you got your first apartment, you used to have chicks over
What was the #1 line you used to always use
When you wanted to get 'em naked?
(Baby do you want a massage?)
That's it, hehehe, can't do it no mo', let's step it up man
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