Fire To Fire Testo

Testo Fire To Fire

How far to the touchline.
Too far says the Fräulein.
How come such a long time.
How come, it used to be so nice. Ten years for the bonehead.
Ten years then you can control it.
Set it all on fire.
This whole empire.

[Refrain] x2

Set fire to the water on Monday.
Set fire to the ground on Tuesday.
Set fir to the air on Wednesday.
(And in Thursday's fire.)x1
Set fire to fire.

How much for the time in the vacuum.
How long of this living in a costume.
How come that you're never in the next room.
How come, when it used to feel so good. It's only winningif the feeling's there
I'm only in it if you promise me.
Oh lord when you see it
Just grab hold and be it.


Shake hands with the devil on Friday
Sat down with the devil on Saturday.
Slow danced with the devil on Sunday.

And then we

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