When I Close My Eyes Testo

Testo When I Close My Eyes

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
When I close my eyes
I can almost taste you
I can´t face you
You´re still too strong
And it´s no surprise
I can´t erase you
I tried to replace you
But it all went wrong
´Cause seeds don´t crawl off the mountains
And they don´t fall
fall from the tree
And they don´t drop
not when you´re counting
Or maybe that´s my sweet philosophy
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Mmm ...

When I close my eyes
I dream about you
Tell me how to
Tell me how not to
Grab on to something new
I looked my fate past through
But instead I keep on holding on
I keep holding on
When I close my eyes
I think about you
I just can´t let you go
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
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