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Testo 3 0 4

I need a bad bitch, a bad bitch I need a bad bitch, a bad bitch Lookin for a 3-0-4 I need a bad bitch, a bad bitch I need a bad bitch, a bad bitch Lookin through your area code [Javi Picasso] My genie in a bottle, don't wanna see me no jato Off some weed and solcado, I'm a mollow ass mexicano Thug solda, need a bad bitch that'd roll my doja Got so many hoes if the po' found out, he'll make me a mormon Jahova Tell your hoe to bend over, imagine that I'ma show her where the real thug passion at Give her extacy, I'll be bashin that I wanna know where them bad ass bitches is at Cash, money and cars, sex under the stars With a supermodel chick in my arms Marita, in a tight fa-vita Yeah Javi wanna meet ya [Merciless] Merciless need a nasty hoe, a nasty bitch Type of chick that won't ask me shit She like, ai-chi-wa-wa, ooh-la-la She riding her girl for ménage tois See, they pop pills while I smoke the dub Sweet bang thug love in the middle of a club After that, I'm still looking for mo' I need a bitch, I need a hoe, I need a 3-0-4 [Chorus] [Merciless] Girl, squeeze your titties and scream my name What you don't know, game recognize game Rubbing on my tattoos, and freed my love You fucking with a loced out, crazy thug Can't fight the feeling on extacy That's why the Mac God keep blessing me Now I'm down south getting crunk at shows Might be from Cali, but she got so throwed I need a bad bitch that's down tonight No plummer, but I do lay pipe No biter, but can I have a bite Shit, in other words I'll fuck you right I'll serve you long dick, big brown dick Type of chick that you could get down wit A white bitch, brown bitch, you a black bitch I don't care, long as she a bad bitch [Chorus] [Rasheed] I'ma pull up in a all black Range Purple flame, watch the paint change Foud two looking strange, and got in the Range I put a bullet in your brain, when I'm moving the caine Man, your chick is on my nuts I don't got time, put on the cuffs Put the tongue on my nuts, put the thong in her butt Bust alarm got the guts, I was gone had to raise up Break up to the make up, fuck that When I wake up, got a cock I got to bake up Raise it up, while I blaze it up The funky stuff, from the caddy pick-up, yup She wanna live lavishly, thinking that she having me She can define the laws of gravity I'm gonna bust one deep in a cavity [Low-G] Mamacita sabes que en tringo Mo' viento, pata to a quethro From tu querida, me wanna to a quera Forgive me amore, but es be my beta Madi madi sabes get the quero Forgive me amore, but es see the cero Soy tures thinking of the dinero Soy tures thinking of the dinero El mero mero porno Cilo como en the cheddo I need a fine freak, who can roll my cigarello Yo got a mello, sucking dick up, by the bello Blue in lorego, en camente como en prego [Chorus]

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