Alone Testo

Testo Alone

(feat. Russ Lee)

[Chorus: Russell Lee]
I can't wait, to be alone with you
Cause you're the only one, feels what I'm going through
Say girl I can't wait, can't wait, to be, to be
All alone with you, that's why I'm loving you, and only you

[Russell Lee]
It's been so long
Since I've seen my baby girl
You know I've been waiting on you
And you know I got something to show you
It's the way you smell, that drives me wild
And the way you feel, ooh
I just got to, got to have you, have you
You know I got to have you near me


[Russell Lee]
Hey girl, come on, so we can get it on
Tonight, tonight, i'm gonna make it right
All night girl


[Max Minelli]
Always stressing me out, but still bring the best in me out
I'm knowing little mama down when a little drama spin
I'm a big timer trying to flip thangs in the city
Streets got you racking ? foot playas on your pretty feets
Pretty face laced up, tight from the waist up
Thick from the waist down, that's why I chased her
Everyday I wake up, nothing could stop me
I'm cocky, kissing me smelling like it's a mi atay
I'm a thug on the block with my whodis
Spending two g's when we shop at the Foley's
When the beef pop, she be looking at Max funny
But she won't trip, cause she love spending Max money
If I shot a ten, she'll bring a twenty back for me
If she really love me hit the cut push it back for me
Ride or die, and here you go hide the gat for me
And I can't wait to be alone so you could act for me, what act funny


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