Around & Around / Zapatos De Gamuza Azul Testo

Testo Around & Around / Zapatos De Gamuza Azul

I said the joint was rockin
goin' round and around
yeah reelin' and a rockin
what a crazy sound
and they never stopped rockin
till the moon went down
well it sounds so sweet
I had to take me a chance
rose out of my seat
I just had to dance
started movin' my feet
oh! a clappin' my hands
I said....
yeah at twelve o'clock
yeah the place was packed
front doors was locked
well the place was packed
andwhen the police knocked
those doors flew back
I said... Puedes matar
y el asesinar
todo mi dinero
me puedes robar
coches nuevos
puedes chocar
pero por favor
no me pises ya nunca mis zapatos
Zapatos de gamuza azul
y no me pisen jamás mis zapatos
de gamuza azul... (repite)
Zapatos de gamuza azul oh oh oh (repite)
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