Clutching At Shadows Testo

Testo Clutching At Shadows

Can't you see? Can't you see?
The devil has a place for you
Behind that crown of thorns lies temptation from truth
Can't you see? Can't you see?
Illusion's your weapon of choice from anger within
You will find your hell
You'll clutch at shadows
There'll be no sleep tonight
And you will know true sorrow
You will fear tomorrow Forsake and follow
This town will bleed tonight!
Collect the eyes and hold them close to you behind locked doors
You know just what to do now, you see
Make believe this ain't no fantasy
Make their pale pretty eyes feel trapped inside this lonely dream
Here it comes
Once again that sweet and perfect poison within this devil's deal
You will find your hell
You'll clutch at shadows
Never ever going to see my future
There's nothing that'll last forever
Except your choice to destroy me
Your choice to take me away
I've chosen you to feel it too
To see it through
To hold and be it
You'll clutch at shadows
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