Hardly Seems Testo

Testo Hardly Seems

a sacred song we used to sing has fallen out of time.
the questions that we all once asked have been answered by these lies.
a million men have have marched away and taken by surprise.
in this fucked up dream it hardly seems that anyone's
still trying to believe as you wear that face with great
disgrace, well we can see that it's coming back again.
a broken smiles fades away and is hidden by the light.
a symbol waiving in the wind protects our homes tonight.
statues falling down today are making things alright.
there are mothers crying in the rain.
fathers wishing they didn't send their sons away.
all the hurt and all the pain...
its all for what? all for what?
you searched to no avail just maybe you were wrong.
when everything is said and done
we'll be singing a whole new song.
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