Liberation Testo

Testo Liberation

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Hear the sounds of a liberation.
And one by one we will stand in line.
Sadness in truth keeps the motivation.
As we let go our peace of mind.
So what will it take to stop or break?
Who will know what to say?
Somehow we must find it,the way.

My mind is bleeding.
My thoughts are broken.
Took to long to see this light.
Yet this souls still burning.
My eyes are open.
My mind is seething.
Took too long to see what's right.
So what's right?

Feel the pulse of the generations.
For one and all its a call to arms.
An ideal formed, a declaration.
There's image but the meaning is gone.
So what will it take, to stop or break?
Who will know what to say?
Somehow we must find a way.


I think we can find it today.
My mind is bleeding.
I see just what's happening.
I can tell what's going on.

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