Godz And Masonz Testo

Testo Godz And Masonz

(feat. Buddha Monk)

[Chorus: Lost Secret (Archangel Metatron)]
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
Yo, Metatron, you up next? (I'm getting impatient)
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
(I represent Desert Oasis)

[Archangel Metatron:]
Forge the alliance, the Muslim Sun's
Civilizing, the deaf and the dumb, with the swiftest tongue
Until that spaceship crashes, we subduing our passions
Showing and proving, through our actions
Masons and Gods connect, peace to the Grand Architect
Tear apart your darkness to my heart content
I was reborn, out the womb of a Widow
When we stare you down, we look straight through your spirits window
No hesitation, mental elevation, creation
You looking at a, Builder of Solomon's Temple
And if you don't believe me (Blakspik: Yo, check his credentials)
Aiyo, you can call me a the Ten Percenter killer
Surrounded by the book of Kings Pillars, for realla
Within' my faithful breast lies the secret of secrets
Death be the penalty, if you speak it

[Chorus: Lost Secret (G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)]
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
G-Clef, you up next, (I must memorize my text)
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
G-Clef, what's up? (Ummmmmm)

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
I say potatoes, you say potatoes
You deal in Equality, we build on a Square
Step to this unification, if you dare
Feel the heft, ya get Earth-Slammed by Monk and Clef
The Five Percent travel on tracks with travellin' men
While the Gods bombin' 85's, we be gavellin' them
With the all-seein' eye, we be all eye seein'
Teachin' emceein', to civilize you savage human beings
In the character of a Master Mason, you are authorized to correct errors
And irregularities among your uninformed brethren, and guard them against
Breach of fidelity, or sometimes commit a noble felony
We start a holy war taking you devils to task
Three civilized people breakin' fool on that corny ass
Representing the capital G
Whether you knowledge 120 or ya third degree

[Chorus: Lost Secret (Buddha Monk)]
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
Buddha, you up next, (And I'm prepared for the war)
Rise of Da Manchuz, Godz and Masonz
Buddha Monk, represent

[Buddha Monk:]
This Manchu here's aware of the devil's spear
But never fear, he's not standing here
He'll use you by tricking you to kill your Hebrew
Mislead you with the wealth or even deceive you
Take the mind of the 85 with deceptions and lies
Promise you everything but it's just all lies
We should turn this around and make the devil hide
Take the devil's eyes, fuck it, take his damn life
Me and my peoples take backburns for many years
Drank Henny, shed tears, keep heads up, and we still here
And we still rap, still cap, still got the devils on our back
But we still fight back, we roll in Brooklyn, roll in Queens
Roll on anything that try to move on our team
Never backslide, spread the truth, teach the youth
The devils everywhere, and he still wants to kill you
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