Machines Testo

Testo Machines

It fell in your eyes
it fell on your lips
the sweat poured between us
with each irresponsible kiss
but we were so invincible
between our two hearts
like living was easy
and we were the first ones to start

oh young love we're so blinded
with each touch my stomach churns
and my conscience divided
on one hand there's morals to hold
but you'd be a fool not to see
just how far this one could go between the sheets

this feels real between the breathing
and your lips are all i'm needing
desperate kiss meets desperate touch
i'm caught between her heart and my poetic lust
i swear i've never felt this way before
the sunlight starts its creeping in but both of us are wanting more
and we're both lost inside our heads
but tangled limbs will tell the stories of what we did inside this bed

i am just a man
guilty as they come
oh i am just a man
and i'm the guilty one

i've been sleeping too long
in a world where i don't belong
breaking hearts that aren't mine to break
making scars that aren't mine to make

this is a scene
just like the movies
this is a scene
but we're so empty

pity i didn't see from the tears that rolled down your cheek
life's an unfortunate game
you've lost and i'm the only one to blame
i'm the machine that keeps it beating
but love isn't real (no love isn't real) when your hearts not feeling
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