The Architect Testo

Testo The Architect

The sun it had to rise
the sun it had to bring the dark back from the night
because darkness left us dead
it left us so we couldn't mobilize
but light has brought us vision
made us see just what we've all become
and somewhere hidden
we burn like torches to see everyone
beneath the romance and confidence
we've blended with the architecture and the scene
and we've all lost our purpose for the momentary gleam
we were made to fight
we were made to fight
i've been hiding from the truth
i've been hiding from the chance to prove
that we are more than what we say
we are more than all of our mistakes
but soon it all begins to fade
and we are nothing more than what we've made
miserable. oh miserable soul
with a heart so young
but frame so old
"how do you delight in me?" you say
"with a mind so busy
and a heart thats gone astray."
listen. listen to my voice
i know there's all this movement
but i'm speaking through the noise
you know that there is hope in you somewhere
but countless attempts of fortune have left you unprepared
we are more than our mistakes
we are more than what we've made
you are more than your mistakes
listen. listen young heart
you are more than what you've made
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