Cold City Testo

Testo Cold City

Its colder on the outside.
This citys got no vacancy to let me sleep.
Ill just freeze in this one hit scene,
And you can take what you want from me.

But as the story goes,
They all grew up on rock and roll,
And late night TV shows.

Tonight well walk the streets,
And set fire to all we meet.
Well keep warm if we can just sing in screams.

This is a damn cold city tonight,
This is a damn cold city tonight,
This is a damn cold city tonight,
This is a damn cold city.
Shes so...pretty.

We just wanna dance,
Hot girls please come get in your stance.
Ill back it up if you can back it up, take it up,
Ill leave it all up to you.

Well cause a riot as we tuck ourselves into bed,
Tthe less we know the more that were expected to expect.
Well keep our eyes closed so that we will not see,
These are the words that we will sing in screams.

When the boys come out to play,
Tonight its gonna rain,
And wash us all away.
Tonight it's gonna...

Boys will be boys,
Thats what they say.
In the city that sleeps, where we constantly dream
Of a brighter day
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