Higher Than Kites Testo

Testo Higher Than Kites

The skies are looking up to us tonight, the stars wish they could shine as bright as we do, as you do. So lets take a trip around the earth, will you let me remove your hair clip and throw it to the world? Cause thats the last they're gonna see of you girl. So we'll stand up on top of the moon and we'll scream at the top of our lungs well float away with gravity. So well toast to the days and the nights, and well gaze at the stars in the sky. Well float away with gravity.

Can we explore the stars above your bed and take some time off from the world below? Gravity takes us away and were not letting go.

I wanna watch your eyes grow wide as the asteroids smash the earth. I wanna watch you dance all night as the asteroids smash the earth
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