Kingdom Come Get Your Crown Testo

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Testo Kingdom Come Get Your Crown

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All eyes are on you kid! You're the new sensation. It's a tough job keeping the stones situated, you have to annunciate it like a protest against the wind.

Speak strong with your feet deep in the mud or your words will blow away like dandelions in the wind. Separating you from your life, taking you from everything you know and the ones you thought you knew.

Fall a thousand times and get back up, your words are underlined in red so from the highest point in your chest push away from the edge, you've got this one under your belt. Push away from the end.

Tell them all you're a star and you can ride in the back of the car and get lost in the distance.

She's not going anywhere planted like a rose in thorns in the glare here's your shot to let her know its over. The only roads she'll ever see, she'll see alone.

Get back up and show them your teeth

When the lights on the stage begin to dim, bow out bow down. And if the airwaves make one sound shut them down shut them out
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