The Ocean, The Beast! Testo

Testo The Ocean, The Beast!

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Lost in the waves. The red flows in the wake and I can't breathe...swallowed by the sea.

Are you coming up? Or falling under? Sharpen it up! Jagged teeth tearing at my feet. They're dragging me out, tearing meat from my bones!

Lost in the sea and I can't breathe. Would you drag my body back? I'd never ask for that.

And If my head ever severs from my body, my lovely, pull it to the beach. And if the waves ever crash on me, let me be. Let the unsung sea carry me out like a note. But you'd probably reach in and drag me back anyway. You're stuck in the wake.

If the waves ever crush me, let me sink. You know I'll come back for you, even if the pain is never relieved. Would you do that for me? I could be the one you need. Won't you come down with me?

Sharpen it up. This water don't love. Sharpen it up.

I'll go under for a while. I'll sink under with a smile. Stuck in the waves, drifting down the coast for you tonight. Swaying in and out with the tide. Tonight, let the ocean take me under.

I know it's hard but I know where I'm going. Back to the start. Just know that I meant well. I know its hard.

Are you coming up? Or falling under? Are you coming up? Are you strong enough?

Lost in the waves and I can't breathe. Would you pull my body back? I'd never ask for that. Cause I, I just took mine. Well I, I just took mine.
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