Eve Of War Testo

Testo Eve Of War

Oh my love lies,
Candlelight dies,
We're alone...
The world's on fire, my love
I won't deny, my love
That's not right, my love

I hear your soft breath
And your sweet breast
Heaves beneath your dreaming
Just for tonight my love
That's alright my love

How can we measure
These tiny pleasures
Against a world
That's running wild
Armies of night go
Arming to fight for
Something vague

There's no-one I'd follow
Into tomorrow
But for you my angel child
With you I can dream
Dreams of better things
The weight of waiting and
Wondering why

There's an old song
Told of someone,
Someone dared
Walk long long lonesome roads
So the truth be told
So that someone really cared

No we won't crush
Though we stay hushed
Dignified though dazed
Rising through my love
Into the blue my love
Something new, my love...
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