Slow Down Testo

Testo Slow Down

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Hey, slow down, slow down find the rhythm in your step
If you made mistakes don't waste time on regret
Just keep straight pushing through all your problems
If nothing else eventually time will solve them
Yes, there's much power in clear and present anger
But take it from experience love lasts longer
We're gonna find our way down to victory
We can come together even if we don't agree
Wouldn't you like to know what's in my head
Why don't you look in yours instead
Find your way to happiness
But slow down, slow down don't flip out get a grip
And let Stubhystyle take you on a trip
Back to 1993, when I thought I was hardcore
I was a racist son of a bitch, I thought I was superior
Then I altered my mind and I saw my strut was awkward
Being selectively antisocial is bringing the world backward
I want to change the world, I want to get high
Everyone should make a difference before they die
Don't follow me, don't follow fate just
Find your own way
Conformity's not as bad as they say
As long as it's not the only way that you've tried, bro
Get up, get up get out of bed
Don't waste your life being depressed
Find your way to happiness
Slow down and find the rhythm in your life
If you lost your rhythm, then you lost your drive
Everybody says to find their own style
They got to bring it back, bring it back down for a while
Everybody wants to be their own child
But their too busy trying to get into the crowd
Well, I can't tell you who you really are
All I can say is don't look too far
I can't tell you who you ought to be
As long as it's you, don't mean a thing to me
It's your decision, it's your decision make it good
It's your decision, it's your decision do what you should...
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