Sunday Afternoon Testo

Testo Sunday Afternoon

Tiziano Ferro si confessa
Sunday afternoon
In a night you won't be pefect you won't be pure
And Monday asking you
Why did how could you play me for the fool
Oh, there's no reason at all
Must've been a beautiful daydream
You didn't come home til three
Must've been a helluva joyride
You didn't once think of me
Must've been a lot of people
Saying you took more than you gave
What do you take to take the pain away
I turned to find the truth
The closer I got the futher I got from you
Cause I burned myself on your
How could you why did you play me for the fool
You tore out every sitch
You bait and you switch
You told me you'd change
You changed everything, everything
Come chase away the blues from the gloom of my roon
Oh, there's no simple answer
Oh, there's no reason at all
And I know I got no simple answer
Hey, I'm not blaming you at all
What do you take to take the pain away
What do you take to make it all go away
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