And He Gets The Girl Testo

Testo And He Gets The Girl

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[pharrell:] Hold it now
[Lupe Fiasco: spoken]
Get up and just walk up to her and say(go over there) hi
That's all you gotta do is say hi
That's all you gotta do
Is say hi

Well I know im not the coolest
And this might sound kind of foolish
Cus I know im not tha smoothest
Told myself I shouldn't do this
Cus im not very well suited
Not tha popularist of students
We aint n tha same crowd
Always c u with tha hoopers
But we got tha same lunch
U might c me with tha cooler
That's cus Ion eat pork
U can never b sure
O u like Lincoln park
Thats tha hat from tha tour
I got a autographed shirt they wrote “much love 2 ya”
Man that's really funny how we like tha same music
But I really love jazz
I was gonna play tha tuba
I tried to join tha band they sed I was really really bad
Didn't really make me sad
Im used to being tha loser
But u I think ure super
So much I had to pursue ya
I don belive tha things they sey or tha football teams rumors
Tha quarterback cant spell
Im his after skoo tutor
I juss took a que from cupid
Now I hink its stupid
Im sorry
And then I walked away
Thinkiin that she would never talk to me
Like wat wer u thinking
Bringing up tha band
U would have got a better result if would have just beat her up and ran
U shouldnuv worn ur glasses
Take ur shirt up out ur pants
C now its all over
And u wont get another chance
I was soo close to her
Then I felt a hand on mI shoulder
She sed I no ur not tha coolest but I swer u r tha cutest
And I no u played tha tuba
I seen u at tha recital
It takes a lot to get up ther and embarrass urself
But u shouldn put down u should merit urself
That just mean u not a punk
I like tha lonliest monk
Hest tha wallpaper on mI computer
I luv final fantasy
I hate first person shoters (me too)
Meditorters was nice
But I bought higher theory twice
Half of tha cheerleading squad is in tha stouper
Tha only reason I du it cus mI mother took state wen she was a junior
And she want me to du tha same so im like naw
I wanna be an oncologist and diagnos tumors
I gotta a pet parrot his name is mister tuna
mI favorite food is fish
remember that for tha future
mi IM name is miss luana u can hit me after six
(how u feelin right now???)yes yes yes yes yes yes
cum semor we have things 2 du
(how u feelin rite now???)
[Woman:] that was wonderful...he did things 2 me uve never done b4
Huuuuu ur that nerd
[Man:] yea
Woman: o god u were wonderful
[Man:] thanx
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