Lu Myself Testo

Testo Lu Myself

Lu Myself,
first of all accuse myself, for bein a fool..
all attempts to school myself have failed
to improve means to remove myself
from this pool of sharks dark as the mood I felt...
Im loosin fuel, its all the food I refused myself
thats how you do (how we do) when you do yourself
And if I lose, I can never excuse myself
til I grow old, sit back and accrued my wealth..
You dont stand a chance,
matter fact, u dont have half the stance (nope) to stand if u stood half a chance
like C-H-A, to dance wit this man from the C-H-A's
give it up, just abandon plans
since U dont have half the stance like an amputee,
U dont have half the pants that it takes to command a family, a fan, or command a fee..
So u will never get the ransom u demand from me!
The goodnews' my foot's loose, my hands are free,
so I dance all foot-loose and fancy free..
Big ups to Footloose and all the fans of me,
my fanbase spans from Vans to Timberlands, from
Mansions to section 8 campers, B..
Im they chamion n I aint even sound standard, see
I been lamping,
whipping up an answer to these rappers, who got it backwards like they zippin up they pants to pee!!
Like Im just a rapper, n I aint dapper.. Im frequently fly, I can go to France for free!!
N i aint no fan n base, cookin up grahams of seed, weighin they wet, stretchin they O's like rubber bands, to feed! (Whoo!!)
Like I was white boy, 100 grand a key
what Im supposed to do with this little chump-ass, punk cash advance that they handed me??
I came back wit birds like Brandon Lee.
I came back wit words and stanzas, G!!
Told ya! Write back, like Stan
n imma stand till it answers me!!
Im concentratin man, thats y imma oscillatin fan (no, no) when they wanna shake hands wit me!!
It sucks right now! when u hear it, ya spirit just dampens, B..
Like, damn, I thought thats my man, what the hell happened to he?!
His fan base is disbandin, B, cuz his lyrics dont mirror when he first landed, see!!
So give it to this lamb to please, so help me G-d imma kill it, thats my word
remove this blind fold, just
give us a chance to see!!
N imma quit it the minute it abandons me!!
My plan's to be
here for a minute then im finished, im vamping, G
most of these cats is pussies, pearl-tongues, oysters n clams to me!! Flinstone money!
Cant even stand bein in they glances, jeez!!
They say its lookin good, but from my vantage, B
shit is sinkin like Atlantis be!
im more set than Atlantis.. (whispering/mumbling)
Yall not understanding me??
Am I speaking Spanish, B??!
well adios, homes! i look like a sloppy joe? (yeah) what am I, a Manwich, b?!!
I gotta Big Mac, if U wanna sandwich, G!!
Who else U know keep the McD tucked wit the Windy on his shoulder...? I told ya..
Give it up dog, its over....."
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