Theme Music To A Drive By Testo

Testo Theme Music To A Drive By

Cuz no one does it better..
I said do it, do it, cuz no one does it better

(Lupe talkin in background)
What down Charlie? how you doin? good, hey what up Joe. I'm just chillin, know what I'm sayin chillin, ain't nothin, yo.

(Lupe talking)
I said nah man, there's people out there better than me, I just do what I do, you know what I'm sayin. Yeah aight

Ugh, I can't feel a feel nigga pain, devious skill
that make a strong will
nigga wayne since a lil nigga hang with the killers and distributers
they cane they dismemberers of switchas then refill it with the jane
then they tilt it and they lit with a flame then they took a pull that kill her
to tha brain like (inhale noise) ah
evil minded like crane
they became deranged like the rover that I rolled
that was the waynes that I drove when I was a little bit older
mayne declaring war on the deck like they the joker
all while they duckin from bruce wayne
while they poker with the devil
and our moonlitten ghetto
hello my name stickers on the stickers of the veins
in rehab remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow
when they was all back of a nigga like monachello
when the underworld had to be smarter than donatello
no honour amongst fellows
it's harder than sittin with a blind man and tryin to describe yellow
got me feelin like killer joe
my life the album
know the classics by heart and exactly how the filler go
repeat it on my way to the liquor store, chocolate

(Lupe talkin in background)
what's up, what's down what down, you know, how are you (..) what you in for? (..) stupid niggas

(Lupe talkin)
you know I'm sayin, it's why I do what I do, I be aight, we all be aight, we just gotta learn how to stay in our lane and do what we know how to do. you know

cuz I can't feel the feel
niggas chains
though I covered mine, so I covered mine in bling
then I bumped into a bum and covered mine in shame
then I bumped into a hun and uncovered mine again
diamonds been underminded mayne, they give a nigga with no mac another kinda game
see money talks in another kinda slang
detectives can't decipher as they listen through the wire as I accept the call
and listen to the life of
gettin religion and makin voodoo in the sink of your cell
recitin il-faatihah in the kitchen
in deed on his deem and in addittion to doin dishes
listen as I schooled on the rules to rule
fuel of fools, the obstacles, the cool
had to slow it down homey
chopped and screwed
blow it down for me
sticks and stones make the homes
only god's words can stop the wolves
and don't fraternise with pigs those kids will think your stool
not at the bar but tryin to put him behind the bar like a bartender
he laid the law like the bar so I put it in a bar for dude
he said borrow my jewels and bar the fools
cuz they a playa like the space bar and twos
theme music to a drive-by, put it in your car and cruise
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