Cheatin' Woman Testo

Testo Cheatin' Woman

Cheatin' WomanWritten by Ronnie Van Zant - Gary Rossington - Al KooperCheatin' woman make you crazyCheatin' woman make you a foolShe'll leave your heart so lonelyBrother there's nothin' you can doWell I can't stand the pain no moreShe don't want my love for sureShe don't even want poor meKnockin' on her front doorWhy did you make me love you sisterWhen you knew you was untrueYou loved every man with pants onYes a dozen to you is too fewI'm gonna shoot you and end your worldThen you won't bother poor meYou won't bother poor me no longerCheatin' woman -- gonna shoot yaOh woman why you do meOh Lord the way you doI done everythnig I can babySeems like nothin' reaches youI'm gonna get that pistol galI'm gonna shoot you and all your palsYou ain't gonna bother poor meYou won't bother poor me no longer

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