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Testo Devil In The Bottle

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Devil In The BottleWritten by Gary Rossington - Dale Krantz Rossington - Johnny Van ZantWell, there's a devil in the bottle, staring straight at meDaring me to reach out, but I know he's testing meIf I take just one sip, I become that devil's sonAct a fool, sell my soul before God and everyoneOh Lord, I know, I only hurt the ones I loveI'm walkin' down this dead end road, all alone and by myselfWish I could blame the whiskey, but I can only blame myselfRunning out of chances, and Lord that's such a crimeI got to find the answer before I lose my mindOh Lord its a cryin shame, oh Lord I've caused so much painI only hurt the ones I loveThere's a devil in a bottle that just won't let me beSo many times I've been hurtin' my soul and familyBut I got free on the day I fought theDevil in the bottleThe next time that ol' devil tries to get the best of meI'll smash that bottle against the wall and know I'm finally freeThere's a devil in a bottle that just won't let me beThere's so many times I let him hurt meI got free the day I fought theDevil in the bottleDevil in the bottleDevil in the bottle

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