Down South Jukin' Testo

Testo Down South Jukin'

(Ed King - Ronnie VanZant)
Well, Billy Joe told me, said everything's lookin' fine
He got the place all secure, got the icebox full of wine
He said, now hurry on over and don't be late
I got three lovely ladies who just won't wait
We'll do some down south jukin', lookin' for a peace of mind

Now put your Sunday pants, lets get out on the road
We've been workin' all week and I think its time we let go
I got three fine mamas sitting all alone
Gonna sip my wine, gonna get it on
And do some down south jukin, lookin' for some peace of mind

Juke one time
Honky tonk

Well, come Monday morning we'll be headed back to the the field
We'll be pickin' our cotton for Papa and ol' Uncle Bill
Lord, but come Friday night we'll be headed to town
Tryin' to pick up any woman hanging around
And do some down south jukin', lookin' for some peace of mind

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