On The Hunt Testo

Testo On The Hunt

I said baby mama, I don't know your name
But I said baby, sugar I can play your game
Every night when we leave the hall
I see you hanging around
Wanna ride in my big black car baby
Wanna go uptown

I know who you are baby
Big city, hard times don't bother me
I know what they call you baby
Never put you down baby
I don't like cars buzzing around
'Cause just like you baby, I'm on the hunt

I said lady
I know people gonna talk about you and me
Let me say one thing, sugar I do as I please
And if you wanna love me baby, I'm your man
And all those high-falutin' society people
I don't care if they don't undertand


My daddy told me a long time ago
Said there's two things son
Two things you should know
And in these two things you must take pride
That's a horse and woman, yeah
Well both of them you ride
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