One In The Sun Testo

Testo One In The Sun

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
(Steve Gaines)
Somewhere the sun is shining
On some unhappy day
Somewhere there's people laughing
They think they've found the way
But its not me
Its not me, no no now
Its not me, Its not me, Its not me, Its not me
I'm not the one

Well sure I used to cry, but I used to laugh to
I had ups as well as downs you see
But I been down now for so long
I've forgotten all my dreams.
Yea it must be me
It must be me, you know now
Its not me, Its not me, Its not me, Its not me
I'm not the one in the sun

Since I became I've wondered what I've become
Lord I know it can't be much longer before
I find my place in sun

Sometimes I wonder will I figure something out
Will I find a reason good enough to live
Lord if it don't dawn on me pretty soon
I think something's gonna give
Yea it might be me
Yea it just might be me, yea
Its not me, no it can't be
'Cause I'm not the one in the sun
No I'm not the one
Yea I'm not the one
But I'm not the one
Sorry to say I'm not the one

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