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Testo Pure&Simple

Pure & SimlpeWritten by J. Van Zant, E. King, R. Johnson, M. LunnI used to live in a poor neighborhoodMy friends and me we always had a timeNever had no money but we had it so goodThose days are gone and I wanna go backSo pure so simpleNever thought about it when you're young you don't careYou don't realize it 'till it's all behindTake it for granted just not well(chorus)Oh-oh It was pure and simpleI'll remember those days 'till the endOh-oh God knows it's simpleIf I could live my life all over againI'd keep it pure and simpleThose days are gone and I wanna go backGot me a feelin' I'm not aloneWish I had a road so I could go back home(repeat chorus twice)

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